Who would you be if you had unlimited energy, amazing health & total body wellness?

Love Botanical Life is about cleaning up your life by getting rid of the of the physical, mental & emotional junk that makes us sick, and fully embracing tasty, nutritious plant-based foods, body movement and mindset techniques to transform your health, body and mindset so you can filled with energy and live an unstoppable and creative life.

Now is the time to plant the seeds of a spectacular, long-lasting healthy whole body makeover

For the 30 days you'll be privately mentored by the UK's top transformational chef, nutritionist and complimentary health consultant so you'll be in good hands learning how to cook, eat and live in a way that’s truly healthy and will allow you to be your best you!

It’s about getting fit and healthy, becoming inspired and getting high on life, and with this personalised programme and you'll never look back.


Love Botanical Life 30 day programme is tailored to your needs to enable you to reach whatever goal you choose: 

Losing weight

 Becoming physically fit

Boosting energy

Hormonal Balancing

Reducing the precursors to chronic disease such as
High blood pressure, Obesity, 
High cholesterol, Blockage of the arteries, High blood sugar, Heart disease, Insulin resistance

Love Botanical Life will have you looking at your body, health and wellness completely differently than you ever have before.


The Programme

 The programme works on 4 levels:

Food Changes - This programme is all about real food, so no juicing all the goodness out of fruits and vegetables or struggling and starving to get through a detox period.  When you follow the Love Botanical Life programme, you'll adopt a whole food, nutrient-dense, plant-powered way of eating from day 1.  This means you'll be enjoying a vast variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, fungi, sea vegetables and seeds. All the recipes you need for this 30 day programme will be provided by Sarah, including ideas for snacks, so you will never need to worry about what to eat and you won't be hungry and cranky. 

Body Transformation -   Love Botanical Life is all-out loving your life and moving your body in the way that feels good to you. Love yoga? Hiking in the forest makes you feel alive? Taking a stroll around the city inspires you? Running 5k a day to wake your mind and body? Dancing gives you freedom and happiness? All of these are possible on the programme. This is something that will naturally happen when you begin to fuel your body completely on food it loves, it will begin to love you back.

Over the next 30 days you will notice changes in your body and your energy levels. This is something that will naturally happen when you begin to fuel your body completely on food it loves, it will begin to love you back.

Health Transformation - Time and again plant-powered food has come out as the #1 way to support your whole body health. Sarah has been taught by some the world's top health scientists, health practitioners, cardiologists and doctors who also use a protocol similar to this with their patients. Plant-based foods are nutritional powerhouses, full of all the protein and calcium you need, and when teamed with whole grains, nuts, legumes, pulses, fungi and sea plants you can see your cholesterol drop, your blood pressure balance, your blood sugar equalise and your energy skyrocket. 

Mindset – Have you ever told yourself you can't do something because of how you feel or how your body is acting? Well, now is the time to stop. This will be a truly amazing month where you will get clear on exactly what you desire from life and will have Sarah supporting you each step of the way. Our thoughts and beliefs go hand in hand with how we are currently living our lives and can often be self-limiting and cause us to hold back when really we desire to move forward. Over the 30 days you are going to get clear on who you desire to be and how you want to show up in this world.


Bonus 1

With the Love Botanical Life programme you'll receive a FREE 1 hour Lightning Intensive so Sarah can laser in to help you achieve the results you desire from the programme. 

Bonus 2

Join Sarah for a DAILY CHECK-IN to keep you on track so you can reach your health, wellness and life goals faster and easier than you thought.

Bonus 3

You'll receive recipes - breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks, audio mindset tips and all information you will need for the 30 days. Not only will this be your daily go to guide for the next month, but it will also support you and keep you on track well after you have finished the programme.


Love Botanical Life - 30 day Private Coaching  

Your Investment

£597.00 - Payment in full

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The next transformational programme Begins In June 2018

 I believe that you are meant for a life filled with fantastic health and great food. 

Now is the time for you to make amazing things happen, to love your body, love your health and have the most amazing energy to be who you truly desire to be.

Working with me is by application only and I'd love you to get in touch to speak privately and in confidence with myself by first completing the form below.

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