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The Magic of Peppermint Tea

The Magic of Peppermint Tea

I began my day with a tasty, hydrating and refreshing cup of Pure Peppermint Tea, with the leaves straight from my organic herb garden.

Peppermint is believed to have calming effects, and is used to treat flatulence, menstrual pains, diarrhea, nausea, depression-related anxiety, muscle and nerve pain, the common cold, indigestion and IBS.

How to...
Take a large handful of fresh mint leaves and place in a tea pot. Pour on boiling water and allow to steep for 5 minutes to allow the flavour to infuse.

💖 🌱 Sarah x

Plant-powered Babies

Plant-powered Babies

Today I sat with my 4 year old son who was playing architect. He was building a truly enormous skyscraper out of all sorts of bricks and when I asked him how it had he built it so tall and strong his response was that "it has good, solid foundations". Just like his tower, you can compare a child’s body to a building under construction. A lot of different materials are needed to build it, maintain it and when needed repair it, but when you get down to it a little human being is also needs great fuel which is the foundation to their own little structures.

One of the most important fuels that we can provide our children is a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. 

Here's a few little tips to help you with your rapidly growing little ones with their veggies.

1. Stress Less

Try not to get fixated on calories, vitamins, minerals. Our bodies are finely tuned machines that are designed to eat whole foods that nature provided, but there are many books out there that scare parents into thinking that feeding children a balanced diet is the most difficult thing in the world. Vitamins and minerals don't work in isolation of one another, so eating a wide selection of fruits and vegetables will contain the vitamins/ minerals/ protein/ fibre/ carbohydrate that their little bodies need.

2. Soups & Stews

During your baby’s first year, you will want to provide your child with most of the following cooked vegetables: spinach, peas, onions, carrots, asparagus, chard, squash, tomatoes, beets, celery, sweet potatoes and potatoes. These can be combined in soups and stews. If you are buying tinned soups keep an eye out for the low sodium varieties.

3. Green Parents

As soon as our son was 'into food' he ate pretty much every meal my husband and I ate, but initially it was pureed. Remember children will copy what they see, so if they see you eating your greens they will see it's something normal to do to.

4. Finger Foods

It's always great to let your children play with their food. It's not just the taste but also the feel and the look that appeal. When venturing on to finger food I recommend steaming vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, and green beans, not only does it retain the nutrients but also the flavour. 

5. Raw

From the age of one year old raw vegetables and raw vegetable juices that can be more easily digested, by a child with a good digestion, can be added. These include peeled tomatoes, lettuce, sliced string beans, shredded carrots, and chopped celery. Even if your foods are organic they still should be well washed. Go slowly at first and see how they are digested. You can make a simple dressing from freshly squeezed orange juice or sweetened lemon juice.

6. Sweetness

Foods with natural sweetness are corn, carrots, fruits, sweet potato and squashes. Again these can be pureed or stewed on their own or in combination.

7. Kids on Strike

Sometimes your little one can totally go off his food or a type of food for a few weeks at a time. If you have tried everything you can to get vegetables into their diet - different tastes, textures, types, raw, cooked and your child still refuses, fear not. Although vegetables are particularly valuable for various minerals and vitamins and great for roughage, for a short time you can always fall back on a variety of fruits will supply many of the minerals and vitamins, and the same amount of fibre. Chances are if you don't make an issue of the lack of veggies then your child will be back devouring their greens again in no time at all.


Superfood Of The Sea

Superfood Of The Sea

Seaweed has long been overlooked as a food in the Western world, but all this may be about to change.

You may have eaten sushi wrapped in thin sheets of nori or had wakame in your miso soup, but few of us eat seaweed as part of our daily diet. I'm predicting that in 2016 edible seaweed is going to be the new 'superfood'.

Keep an eye out in shops for smoked flakes of seaweed from the beautiful Scottish coastline.
I'm loving Mara Seaweed Their seaweed contains 59 elements essential for health including iodine, iron, B-vitamins, vitamin C and calcium and is great for heart health, glowing skin, beautiful hair, weight loss and helps with the menopause.

To find out more about the seaweeds I have been enjoying go to

Sarah's Nutrition Keystones

Sarah's Nutrition Keystones


A calorie is a unit used to measure energy, it's not nutrition. Not all calories are created equal and they are not used to detect how fresh or healthy YOU or YOUR FOOD is. Rather than focusing on calories, I want to help you focus on how ENERGISED  you feel, how well your BODY MOVES and FEELS and how your clothes fit! What a fantastic opportunity to listen to your body and not read labels.


At Love Botanical Life we get our protein from WHOLE FOODS that are plant-based. Yes, it's totally possible! I'll show you how. 


Consuming water found in hydrating fruits and vegetables the secret behind a youthful, soft skinned glow. Water also helps flush out toxins, hydrates our cells and leave our insides, as well as our skin, clean, fresh and glowing.


Juicing is fine, but want to know what’s better? Eating your greens! The key is to eat greens everyday. Don't worry, this doesn’t mean you’re only eating salads. It's my job to show you how a whole variety of greens can be incorporated into your every day life in a REALLY TASTY way.


In fact, naturally healthy fats are a Love Botanical Life super ingredient that is used in pretty much all of the recipes. The reason is that they are the key to keeping you ENERGISED, lean and radiant.


Your food should be bright, vibrant, beautiful and tasty! The richer the color, the higher the nutrient content. The wider the array of colors you eat, the more NUTRIENTS you get.


Essential nutrients are those that we need that our body cannot make. At Love Botanical Life, we strive to eat foods high in these essential nutrients to give our body the FUEL it needs to function the way it was designed to...amazingly!


Sulphur is one of the most abundant minerals in the body. Our bodies love foods rich in sulphur (e.g. kale, brussel sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage) because it help fight off bacteria, rids the toxins and helps maintain the skin’s elasticity.


Love your body and it will love you back. Your body is clever and can tell you a lot. fuel it well and it will allow you to do things you never thought possible and take you to places you only dreamt of.